Slide Oil and Trombone Slide

3 Best Slide Lubricants for Trombones

Recently, I was looking to get some slide oil, but I wasn’t sure which kind to get. After all, I had been using Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort forever, and thought: “is that really the best?” Of course, not! But, I still wondered what my options were?

As it turns out, there are a lot of different slide lubricants out there. In terms of the top 3, the original Slide-O-Mix is the best you’re going to get. Of course, if you’re interested in trying a cream-based lubricant, Trombotine Slide Lubricant and Superslick Slickit are excellent choices.

Review Criteria

Ideally, when looking for a new slide oil or cream, you’d want to try them out. Unfortunately, that’s always practical. Instead, I like to rely on the internet to collect some data. In particular, I used Amazon to dramatically narrow my search using the following criteria:

  • Department: Brass Instrument Cleaning & Care Products
  • Average Customer Review: 4+ Stars
  • Search Terms: Trombone Slide Oil

As usual, I then sorted the products by average review rating to get the best reviewed products first.

3 Best Slide Lubricants

When it came to assembling this list, I just selected the top 3 slide lubricants based on my search criteria above. Then, I browsed the reviews to get an idea of what you’re going to get.

#1. Slide-O-Mix – $$

Slide-O-Mix Slide Lubricant

Coming out on top is the original Slide-O-Mix, a two-part lubricant mix. As you can see here, Slide-O-Mix comes with two bottles each containing a different component of the lubricant.

To use Slide-O-Mix, you apply a little bit of the small bottle followed by a more generous supply from the larger bottle. Like any other lubricant, you’ll want to move the slide around until the oil has properly coated the surface. After that, you can spritz the slide with some water. If you need more details, check out my guide on how to apply Slide-O-Mix.

Of all the oils in this list, Slide-O-Mix is the most expensive. That said, it’s certainly the most popular lubricant. In fact, some customers report that Slide-O-Mix gets better with age. In fact, some customers were so happy that they even shared their tips.

Of all the products I’ve seen on Amazon, this is probably the only one I’ve seen with a perfect score (ignoring the one 3-star review for confusion) after all these years. If that doesn’t speak to its quality, then I don’t know what will.

#2. Trombotine Trombone Slide Lubricant – $

Trombotine Trombone Slide Lubricant

While it might be hard to compete with Slide-O-Mix, there are a couple of excellent alternatives. For instance, you may prefer Trombotine, a cream-based lubricant for about half the price of Slide-O-Mix.

To use Trombotine, you’ll want to apply a small amount to your inner slide just like you would with most lubricants. Of course, since it’s a cream, you might need to wiggle the slide around a bit to get solid coverage. For an added bonus, spray some water on the slide, and you’ll be ready to go. If you need more details, I’ve already put together a guide for applying Trombotine.

One thing I found really interesting about Trombotine is that some folks make the argument that one tube will last you a lifetime. To be fair, I’ve gone through probably three bottles of oil in the last 13+ years, so you’re not exactly saving a ton of money by going the Trombotine route. That said, I think that’s a pretty solid claim.

In terms of reviews, everyone was pretty impressed. In fact, one customer claims they only need to reapply the Trombotine every two weeks. Apparently, even the professionals love it. Of all the reviews, the only complaints I could find were with the lack of directions.

Overall, if you’re not a fan or oil, maybe this Trombotine cream is right for you.

#3. Superslick Slickit – $

Superslick Slickit Slide Lubricant

Last but not least is Superslick trombone slide cream and lubricant. If you couldn’t decide between Slide-O-Mix and Trombotine, this is sort of a best of both worlds. In this particular set, you’ll get the cream, oil, and spray bottle for just five bucks.

To use Superslick, you’ll want to apply the cream as described for Trombotine. In other words, apply a small amount of cream on the inner slide. Then, you’ll want to apply the oil as you typically would. When it’s all said and done, hit the slide with a few sprays of water, and you’ll be ready to go. Naturally, if you’re looking for details, I also have a guide on how to apply Superslick.

One thing I really like about this product is its heritage—at least according to one of the reviewers. Apparently, it’s been around awhile. As usual, I try to find a negative review or two to round out the review. In this case, most people seemed to be offput by how many steps it takes.

That said, everyone seems pretty satisfied with Superslick as well, so I figure it ultimately comes down to personal preference.


When I started my search for the best slide lubricants, I never expected to find such a diverse set of products. After all, I’ve been using regular slide oil for that past 13+ years.

Fortunately, I was never really led astray as my personal choice, Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort, comes in at #4 on this list. Of course, now I think I’m going to make my switch to the original Slide-O-Mix. Why settle for anything less?

At any rate, thanks for taking some time to check out this review. If you’re in the market for a budget tenor trombone, I have just the review for you. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by. As always, respect the brass!